Friday, December 9, 2011

Hanging' With Haleigh

Haleigh stayed with us for a couple of days while her mom and dad went to Chicago for a meeting. We had lots of fun. She sat at the table like a big girl.

She lined up all of the diapers in a nice neat row.
Reminds me of her daddy when he was a little guy. Or now. :)

She likes my big salad bowl.

And she likes watching Gumbo out the window.

She thought the salad bowl might make a good boat.

Row, row....

And she thought she should put all the kitchen magnets in the bowl.

Maybe she'll make a "mag-pie." Lol.

She loves watching for the school bus when it's time for Matthew to come.

Yaaaaaayyyy!!! Matthew!!!

Next morning, she and her baby were up before breakfast.

She spent some more time working on her salad.

And sitting in the bowl. It's just so much fun. Don't worry, I will wash it before we have salad.

After lunch at Storie's with Nana, she was worn out.

And just for fun, I wanted to share the beautiful sunset at the end of our day.

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