Thursday, June 7, 2012

25 Years Ago...

 ...we went to the hospital early on a Sunday morning, and by noon, we had baby number 4, sweet little Jonathan. And 'little' is probably not the right word to use. There was and is not much 'little' about Jonathan.

I am usually the poster maker in the family, but Jim did this one all by himself to announce the birth of our new son. And you can see by the stats that he was, indeed, a 'bouncing baby boy.' Yow.
(And yes, of course, I still have the poster.)

He had chocolate brown eyes,

a winning smile,

and a personality to match his size. 
He had lots to say. And I mean lots. 
He talked right up until the time he finally fell asleep, usually mid-sentence.

He gave hugs freely, and made friends easily. 
One time, watching him play junior high basketball, another mom said to me, 
"That Jonathan doesn't have a mean bone in his body." 
I think the coach might have liked a mean bone or two.

This is one of my favorite recent pictures of Jon, 
in the mountains of Fondwa, Haiti. 
Big guy, big smile, big heart.

So happy birthday, dear Jonathan. Happy Birthday to you! 
It's your day. Your 25th!
Spend it doing something you love. Oh, wait, you do that most every day!
Happy Birthday Jonathan!
I love you!
(Even though you don't read my blog.)

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