Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lake Day

We had a lake day last week with my grandchildren and my niece's boys. We had a great time!
Ella enjoyed playing on the dock in the morning before her nap in the afternoon.

We even had a visiting duck.

Haleigh was calling to it, and quacking too. It came close when we offered some Cheerios.

Matthew, Carter, and Riley played in the water all day. They went on several excursions on the paddle boat.

They also did some trick riding on Shamu.

They swam across the cove to the high dock, and tried out the slide.
Here is Carter.


And Riley.

Riley also did some jumping from the high dock.

Several times. That's a brave boy!

Another slide by Carter.

Haleigh liked the new water blaster.

And she tried out the new chair.

The water mat is always lots of fun, and the boys enjoyed having jousting matches.

There were lots of giggles,

big smiles,

and happy boys.

They even managed to find some fun in rolling up the mat to put it away. I see you Riley!

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