Monday, June 4, 2012

Spread the Love

I was looking at my camera, and I realized I had some wedding pictures that I had not yet posted. No, not Jennifer and Bryan's wedding pictures, but, rather, pictures from the wedding of my son's wife's sister. Follow that?

Betsy and Reston were married just two weeks after Jennifer and Bryan, and we were able to celebrate our 'wedding season' with friends, family, and lots of love.

Here is a cute one of Haleigh and Andrew before the ceremony.

Darci and Ella Kate.

An attempt at a family picture.... more below. :)

Two very competent candle lighters with the bride and groom.

The bride, her three big sisters, and their beautiful mama.

Bride Betsy with her parents.

Betsy and Reston, with Betsy's parents.

Dad Charley has lots of experience in his role as Father of the Bride.

Swiftly fly the years...

And a few more attempts at a group picture. It seems like it often turns out that the first shot is the best...

and things go downhill from there.

Matthew just keeps smiling...

while Haleigh is quickly losing interest.

I just love to see the expressions on the faces of a two-year-old and a one-year-old. And of course, the smile of a handsome eight-year-old.

We tried a few more of the whole family.

Love them!

Then it was on to the reception for some dancing!

Haleigh and her cousin Clara share a sweet kiss.

Dancing girls.

Matthew and Will bustin' a move. I had to say it.

And Haleigh and Fritz aren't far behind. Dancin' the night away.

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