Monday, June 18, 2012

Ain't It Grand

We spent the weekend on beautiful Mackinac Island, Michigan celebrating my parents' 55th wedding anniversary. After the loonnnnng and haapppppy car ride, all 22 of us gathered at the ferry landing for the boat-ride portion of the journey. Well, all but three who were finishing up a golf game and would be joining us a bit later.

Andrew, Darci, and the little ones are happy to be out of the car and ready for a boat ride.

Jennifer is ready for the ferry.

The group on the left was glad to be out of the Silver Bullet, and all geared up for the trip across the water.

Haleigh is happy to be on the boat, and we are hoping she doesn't get carsick boatsick.

Matthew is all smiles as the boat leaves the dock. Mackinac here we come.

Andrew, Darci, and Ella. And That Guy in the back.

Adam and Shylah. David was one of the golfers who would catch up with us later.

Matthew, Nana, and Boomie.

Looking out to the Mackinac Bridge.

Happy Haleigh.

Our first glimpse of the Grand Hotel.

Coming off the ferry onto the island.

Since there are no motorized vehicles on the island, bicycles are a popular form of transportation.

We decided to make the trek to the hotel on foot.

Of course, the other main form of transportation is horsepower.

Boomie stopped to check out the turtle sculpture at the Gate House restaurant. Turtles are a theme on the island, as early settlers thought the shape of the island was similar to that of a turtle.

Cheryl and Nana on the walk up the hill to the Grand Hotel.

We got checked in and settled, and decided to go to The Jockey Club since it offers casual dining. It is one of the Grand Hotel restaurants, and is located near the golf course.

Bryan and Jennifer all ready for dinner.

As we were approaching the restaurant, Matthew and I were entertained by this screeching seagull on the top of the flag pole.

We ate outside, and they have fires going for children (and grownups) to make s'mores. Matthew likes to make them, though he doesn't like to eat them. He was generously making them and delivering them to our tables.

He and Haleigh did a great job during the looonnnnnng wait for dinner.

Michael and Jenny had eaten their meal in the Main Dining Room, and came over to see us after they were finished. I took the opportunity to take a couple pictures of them while they were all dressed up.

These Turtles Around Town were part of a fund raiser a few years ago. They are visible in several locations around the island.

Haleigh went over to check it out after dinner, and thought he needed a kiss.

She also decided to take a little ride on it.

Nana was telling her that the turtle was HUGE!

HUUUUGE turtle!

Nice turtle.

Aunt Fer jumped on to take a little ride with Haleigh.

After our very late dinner, we headed over to the Cupola Bar at the top of the hotel.

The anniversary couple.

Ted and Cheryl.

David and Shylah.

Jennifer and Bryan.

Jim and yours truly.

And a chocolate treat on our pillow. Stay tuned for more Mackinac fun. Good Night.

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