Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dancing Through Life

The porch at the Grand Hotel is 660 feet long, and is said to be the longest front porch in the world. There are 100 rocking chairs for guests to use to relax and enjoy the day. The porch was nearly empty when I came down on Saturday morning before we ate our breakfast.

Looking the other direction, the water view is breathtaking.

Haleigh enjoyed her strawberries at breakfast.

Oh, Haleigh!

That boy knows how to smile for the camera.

After breakfast, we walked down to town to do a little shopping. Jennifer and I both had our cameras, so I was getting some pictures of her taking pictures.

I know her photos will be better than mine, and she said she would share (as long as I give her the credit). Hopefully, she will get them edited soon, and I will have some of her artistic shots to share.

While shopping, we ran into these three cuties (and their parents, of course).

We had fun browsing in the shops, buying fudge and Michigan beer, and enjoying the sights and sounds (and smells) of Mackinac. We learned that, although there are two spellings - Mackinac and Mackinaw - it is always pronounced "Mackinaw" which is from the French.

The streets are filled with bicycles...

and horses. There is even a place where you can rent a carriage to drive yourself. I would like to try that sometime. While I have spent time around horses, and have ridden horses, I have not had the opportunity to drive a carriage. They do not allow the rented carriages in the downtown area, however. I can understand that. It's a little too congested for novices.  I would guess though, that the horses they hitch to the 'drive your own' carriages can pretty much find their way around the island themselves. No green horses for green drivers! :)

One of the (many) fudge shops had these chocolate shoes in the window.

As well as these yummy looking chocolate covered strawberries.

These ponies were all painted and polished. Maybe they were on their way to a parade.

This group of redcoats was consulting on the corner. The carriages and costumes gave it a bit of a New Orleans feel, on a smaller scale, and with a G rating.

We made the walk back up to the hotel to rest and relax a bit before beginning the afternoon activity. I plan to do a separate post on the 'Sturges Scavenger Extravaganza' which provided fun and entertainment for the family. Everyone likes a little friendly competition, right?

After the scavenger hunt and some big porch refreshments, we got cleaned up and gathered back on the porch for a family photo. I will post those (and some funny outtakes) soon.

Dinner was served in the Salle a Manger, and I tried to get a photo of everyone in our group of 22.
Cheryl and Ted.

Michael and Jenny.

Haleigh Elizabeth.

Ella Kate.

Evan, Adam, and Jonathan.
They like to call themselves 'The Dream Team.'

Matthew and Samantha.

Nana and Boomie.
Open your eyes, Boomie!

Jennifer and Bryan.

Darci and Andrew.

Dara and Evan.

David and Shylah.

Joined by Matthew.

There was live music in the dining room, and several of the little ones enjoyed the chance to do a little dancing. Shylah and Matthew danced while Nana supervised.

Ella Kate is a dancing baby. She loves to move to the music, and was shakin' it with Aunt Shylah.

Ella and her dancin' bunny.

And she sings too!

Shylah helped Haleigh with some dancing jumps.


Haleigh loved watching the other little girls and making friends on the dance floor.

Her twirling dress was perfect for dancing. Or sitting.

Later, we moved to the Terrace Room to enjoy some dancing with the Grand Hotel Orchestra.

Bryan and Jennifer, fresh off their pre-wedding dance lessons, were eager to show off their moves.

There were other skillful dancers in the room as well, and we wondered if they were professional 'plants' to get folks up and dancing.

Evan and Nana were movin' to the music. I love this picture.

Look at Boomie gettin' down!

Jennifer was giving Evan a little lesson.

Nana and Boomie danced to a slow song as well.

Then it was Shylah's turn to dance with Evan. That Evan gets around!

Evan is back to dancing with Nana, while Shylah dances with Boomie.

Meanwhile, up in the Cupola Bar, Andrew and Darci enjoy a nightcap.

Jon and David show some brotherly love.

Another grand day at the Grand Hotel.

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