Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Horsin' Around at the Hodgepodge

Welcome once again to the Wednesday Hodgepodge. I couldn't resist the questions this week, especially since there is one involving horses. Be sure and click the button to visit our hostess, Joyce and the others. The more the merrier!

1. How many students were in your high school graduating class? Did you know most, if not all of them?
I am not good with numbers, but I'm going to guess 173? 182? Somewhere in that neighborhood. And yes, I think I knew all of them.

Here I am with my besties after the graduation ceremony. I am third from left, mortar board perched squarely on my head, posing with my yellow rose. Weren't we fresh-faced and ready to take on the world? Or at least ready to see what college life was all about. Does anyone else feel like it was oh so long ago and just yesterday all at the same time?

2. What was the last thing you photographed?
I take photos every day. If not with my camera, then definitely with my phone. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of doing a little shopping with my daughter, and snapped this with my phone as she was trying on a hat.

3. Pickles-love 'em or loathe 'em? If its love what's something you eat that needs a pickle?
I fall in the loathe 'em category. I remember trying a pickle while in elementary school and having a sore throat for three days. I doubt the pickle had anything to do with it, but I never willingly tried another one. Grandson Matthew, however? Loves 'em!

4. What's a stereotype you seem to perpetuate without meaning to?
As I mentioned above, I'm not good with numbers. So maybe I perpetuate the stereotype that girls aren't good at math. I know it's not true. And I could be good at math if it wasn't so, well, mathematical. Or if I really wanted to.

5. Ever been horse back riding? If so is it something you enjoy? If not, do you have any interest? Did you watch the Kentucky Derby? Will you be watching the last leg of the Triple Crown this weekend?
I have been a 'horse girl' since I was very young. When I had my tonsils taken out, my mom asked me what I would like after it was all over, and I answered, "a horsey."

I didn't get a horsey at that time, but it wasn't so many years later that my parents did buy me a horse of my own. I was a lucky little girl, especially since we didn't live on a farm, and my parents knew nothing about horses. Here I am on my first horse, 'Bucky,' giving my cousins a ride.

A year or so later, I traded for a registered Quarter Horse named Pittypat's Pokie. I didn't name her, but we were told she was named after one of the breeder's favorite restaurants in Atlanta, Pittypat's Porch. We just called her Pittypat. Here I am with another one of my young cousins.
As a 16-year-old, I traded in my four-legged transportation for the four-wheeled kind, but never lost my love of horses. I managed to pass it on to my children, though, and we purchased a sweet mare named Miss Ty Teddy. And actually, maybe it was just one child I passed that love of horses to... or was it pushed instead of passed to her? Not sure on that one, but it is true that daughter Jennifer earns her living taking care of horses every day.

This was our Christmas card in 1993, with Teddy.

We soon added Calipso Kid, affectionately known as PeeWee, to the family. 
Jennifer and her cousin Caroline are pictured doing the Groom & Clean demonstration at the county fair.

Jennifer and PeeWee were horsemanship champions at the State Fair.

When Jennifer outgrew PeeWee (he gets his name honestly) she moved up to Zip to Elegance. Jennifer and Ellie were showmanship champions.

We still own PeeWee. He turned 30 last month. He is mostly retired now, but does make an occasional appearance at Bible School, the animal blessing, or at the fairgrounds. Here is Jennifer leading her nephew, Matthew, on PeeWee in leadline at the fair.

We've also met a few 'famous' horses. This is Docs Keepin Time, who played Black Beauty, as well as several other movie roles. He is trained by Rex Peterson, who kindly opened his stall door so we could take this photo. That star on his forehead is actually part of his stage makeup.

And here is Jennifer holding onto Genuine Reward, first foal of 1980 Kentucky Derby winner, Genuine Risk.
Genuine Risk was the second filly to win the Derby, and remains the top finishing filly in the Triple Crown series, finishing second in the Preakness, and second in the Belmont Stakes.
Interestingly, her first foal, Genuine Reward, was born when she was 16 years old. After seeing the foal in person, and learning the story, we purchased a print of the mare and foal which has hung in our living room ever since.

So to answer the original questions.... yes, yes, yes, of course, and I'll be cheering for I'll Have Another!
(Seems I got a bit carried away with that answer... sorry!)

6. What's your favorite 'wedding' movie?
My Best Friend's Wedding. So many great lines.

Of course, my favorite wedding scene in a movie is from The Sound of Music. I love the movie, but the scene is even more special to me since I visited the church where it was filmed and walked up the long aisle pretending to be Maria. I did a lot of that on my visit to Salzburg. The next summer we played the Sound of Music processional at our wedding.

7. What is one 'tourist attraction' in the USA that you'd like to see in person?
The Grand Canyon.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Not so much a thought, but a hope.
Last Saturday, I was at the lake by myself, so I headed to the Flower and Herb Barn to select some flowers for planting. Last summer, we planted impatiens, and they were quickly consumed by deer or some other visiting wildlife. This time, I consulted the list of deer-proof plants, and had an extended conversation with a garden expert, and decided to plant a variety of plants in hopes that they would not all be appetizing to the critters. The shop provides handy wagons to transport your blossoms.

Back at the lake, I had a carload to transport to the beds below the house. Unfortunately, after the work of transporting, digging, planting, and watering, I failed to take a photo. Hopefully, there will still be some blossoms left to photograph when I'm back later this week. Hope with me.

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