Friday, March 15, 2013

Chick 'n' Chocolate

It's Friday. Another week has passed, and we're already halfway through March. Hopefully that means we are more than halfway to spring. Come on spring!

One of the best shopping spots in our little town is Rural King. I go there to buy cat food, horse feed, and shavings. Don't be jealous.

I do like this part of the trip, though... freshly popped popcorn to enhance the shopping experience. Almost like the champagne they serve to shoppers in those high end shops on Rodeo Drive. Almost.

They sell just about everything at Rural King.

But the most exciting part of the trip this week? Chick Days! Oh yay! Wouldn't you like to take home a box of 50 little peepers? Me neither.

There are chicks in this tank, but I don't even want to know what that sign means.

Yellow chicks,

peeking chicks,

peeping chicks. Oh, were they peeping!

Hundreds of chicks,
thousands of chicks,
millions and
billions and
trillions of chicks.
(Borrowed and modified from one of my favorite children's books.)

And this was something new to me. I've heard of chick lit, a chick flick, chick-fil-a, chicken sh**, but what the heck is chick grit? I don't think I want to know. I just never had a desire to raise chickens. Too much peeping. And pooping.

But enough about chicks.
On Saturday, these three were headed to Cancun. They will be keeping an eye out for chicks of another variety. Be smart. Be safe. Have fun!

Saturday evening, our Greensburg Pirates played in the final game of the regional tournament. Since the game was three hours away, Jim and I opted to stay home and watch the live feed online. So cool that we could stream it through the computer to the big screen in the basement. And they won!! Go Pirates!!

On Monday, I took my friend for her chemotherapy. The hospital cafeteria has sushi. Who knew? And who eats that stuff, anyway?

On Wednesday, Haleigh was pulling things out of my cabinets looking for chocolate. This wasn't it, but she may be aware that this is used to make icing. For cupcakes.

She did eventually manage to pull this bag off the shelf. "I want chocolate, Granny." A girl after my own heart. Cutie.
Have a great weekend!
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