Friday, March 22, 2013

Flyin' High in the Islands

Andrew likes to see his girls fly, by playing a little game in the ocean. Maybe he just wants to make Granny nervous. I find if I'm taking pictures, I don't really think about what they're doing. Or something like that.

Three-year-old Haleigh is a little more cautious than one-year-old Haleigh was, but she's still smiling.

Ella seems to like flying too.

And then takes a little break with her mama.
Haleigh again, flyin' high.
Still smiling.
Ella is flyin' so high...
she can touch the sky!
And speaking of flying, here comes the plane bringing Jennifer and Bryan!

Safely on the ground.
They are also smiling!
And after a looooonnnnngggg day, with delays and changed flights..... Adam's plane also lands safely.
And even he is smiling to finally join the rest of us for a few days in paradise.
Lots more pictures to come, just hard to find time to blog between lying in the sun, wading in the sea, reading, lying in the sun, enjoying a tropical beverage, lying in the sun, and, well, more lying in the sun. :)

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