Sunday, March 17, 2013

They 'Ty'ed the Knot!

We had a great weekend celebrating the wedding of Tyler and Sammi at good ol' Purdue University. Tyler has been part of our 'family' since he and David became fraternity brothers in college. He was a groomsman in David's wedding, and in Andrew's. He is a good friend, and we are sooooo happy that he and Sammi finally tied the knot. They have dated for seven years. :)

I tried to sit back and enjoy the ceremony, but I did take a few photos afterward. The wedding was in the suites overlooking the field at Ross-Ade Stadium. Ella and Haleigh enjoyed looking down on the field where the Boilers play.

Andrew and Darci after the wedding.

And with their sweet little girls. Matthew was not feeling well, so he stayed home with Grandma. Hope he feels better soon, because we leave early tomorrow morning for a week at the beach with the family. Can't wait!

 After the ceremony, there was a little break before the reception, and the girls enjoyed some electronic entertainment back at the hotel.

Jim and I watched the last part of the Greensburg Pirates semi-state VICTORY on the iPad!! They will play on Saturday for the State Championship. GO PIRATES!!

The reception was in the ballroom of the beautiful Purdue Memorial Union.

For their guest book, they had individual cards and stamp pads for us to decorate our thumb prints with a message for the bride and groom. Very cute.

 Their engagement picture decorated the gift table.

Cute couples...
David and Shylah.
 Andrew and Darci.
Jennifer and Bryan (I failed to get a photo before she went back to the room to rest, so we had to be creative).
 Jonathan doing his 'Haleigh smile.'
 Courtney and Adam.
And even one of yours truly and Jim. We fall in the category of 'old couples.'

The bride and groom's first dance.

And Tyler dancing with his mama.
 'Don't blink.'

The happy newlyweds. Love you, Tyler and Sammi!

Then it was time for everyone to dance!
Shylah and David.                                               

Kristin and Kyle.
Darci and Andrew.

Adam and Courtney.

 And Big Jon, being silly again. Or should I call him 'Average Jon' now?

He does love to dance.
 And he's good at it. Got that from his mama. :)
 And there was singing.

Tyler spinning Sammi around before she tossed her bouquet.

There it goes!

 Looks like Tyler was giving her some important instructions before the garter toss.
 And Tyler's little brother Kyle ended up with something pulled from under the wedding gown.
 Then it was Sammi's turn to do the spinning.
 And the AKL boys sang to the sweetheart.
 Jon knows all the song lyrics.
 The whole gang enjoyed the dancing.
 And a good time was had by all.
Congratulations and love to Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Miller! May God bless your marriage.

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