Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fin, Noggin', Duuuuude.

Grand Cayman has an attraction where visitors can learn about and observe green sea turtles 'up close and personal.' Sea turtles are an important part of the history of the Cayman Islands, since, when discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1503, he named the islands Las Tortugas, because of the many sea turtles swimming in the surrounding waters.

We saw the huge turtles first. They can weigh several hundred pounds!

Matthew shows Boomie one near the steps of the big tank.
They are awesome to watch. We have even, rarely, come across a small one while on a snorkel trip.

We also saw an abundance of iguanas there. This one was sunning himself on the side of the big turtle tank.
Boomie and Matthew look into the tanks with smaller 'yearling' turtles.
Ella takes a peek too.
One of the small turtles smiles for the camera.
More iguanas.

And more turtles.

And this is Smiley, a nine foot saltwater crocodile. Hard to take a photo through the fence, but I was sure glad it was there!
More iguanas, sunning on top of the hedges.

There were probably 6 or 8 of them on top of the hedge. That we could find, at least.
There is an area where you can pick up the small turtles. Our kids loved this part when they were little.
And Matthew enjoyed it too.

Haleigh held one, with a little help from her mommy.

And her daddy.
Boomie held one too.
Andrew picked one up to show Ella.

Grandpa held her up to see.

Matthew held another one.

Haleigh wanted to hold one by herself.
she didn't! :)
Andrew and Matthew got to get into a little tank where some turtles were swimming.

A kiss for the turtle.

A kiss from Darci.
And one from Haleigh. (Only air kissing, of course.)
This is the sandy area where the females lay their eggs.

There is also an area with predator fish, where Matthew watched a big barracuda.
Take my picture, Granny. Well, of course!
Sneaking up on some chickens.
They also have a pool with a water slide where you can cool off after seeing the turtles.
Matthew found the slide to be a bit slow.
Just right for little girls.
Ella enjoyed the ride with her daddy.
And one with Grandpa.
Haleigh and her dad had a fun slide.

And again!

Sweet family in the water.
Up in the air Ella!
Haleigh and her daddy took a swim under the waterfall before we all headed back to the beach.

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