Thursday, September 23, 2010

All Creatures Great and Small

We had an animal blessing service at church on Wednesday. It was a beautiful evening, and we had a great group of pets and their humans gathered to celebrate the special bond we share.

Pastor Jimmy brought his dog Daisy. She's getting up there in dog years, and doesn't get around so well any more. I believe she enjoyed seeing the folks, the children, and the other dogs.

Jimmy stopped for a picture with Daisy before the service started.

This little girl brought her neighbor's dog for a blessing. I think she said the pup was 3 months old.

I brought my buddy PeeWee. He is such a good sport. At 28, I thought he deserved a special blessing. He was very well behaved, tolerated the attention, and thoroughly enjoyed the carrots which were brought especially for him.

The side yard was all set up for the service, and decorated with straw bales and mums. Good thing PeeWee didn't get too close to the decorations - he might have tried to take a bite out of them.

The crowd begins to gather.

That's my dog Gumbo, meeting a new friend.

PeeWee enjoyed the grass (of course). It's all about food for him.

Gumbo couldn't wait to meet all the other dogs.

Ruthann and Teresa visiting before the service.

All the dogs were very well behaved, and I think folks enjoyed showing off their furry friends.

David and Sophie.

Nancy and Sadie.

The Weimers.

Dr. Michele Sweet, in the center, was on hand to answer questions and greet the pets.

Spencer and Becky brought their dog, their new baby Benjamin, and the whole youth group to enjoy the service.

Zoe brought her guinea pig.

And look who else came to see the animals? Margaret and Nathan!

These two are listening intently.

The Hollowells brought Bert, but not Ernie.
Pastor Jimmy offers prayer and blessing for pets that are present, pets who have passed away, and all God's creatures.

The service ended with treats for all the animals, individual blessings, and fellowship between both the two-legged and four-legged friends.

All things bright and beautiful,

All creatures great and small.

All things wise and wonderful,

The Lord God made them all.

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