Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who Dat Say They Gonna Beat Dem Saints!

Time for the big game, and I had the tickets ready. In our family, it's always best to let me be in charge of the tickets. There have been some ticket issues when I'm not around to double check the tickets several times on the way to the game. (Even though they laugh at me for doing so!)

The Superdome looked great as we stepped out of the cab. They have done some work on it this year, and I like the gold color. We did notice that the skies were getting a bit overcast as we walked toward the brand new Champions Square.
This guy was being interviewed. In New Orleans, it's like Breakfast Club every day. You just never know who you'll see walking down the street. Especially on game day.

This banner overlooks Champions Square. Do you think I can get one for the basement?

We did have a pretty heavy downpour for an hour or so, which we spent under the overhang of the parking garage. It was too bad, since they had lots of activities planned, as well as good food available around the square. When it finally let up, people started to venture out and enjoy the pregame festivities. I just had to get a picture of this couple. I wonder how they handle their divided loyalties. Hopefully, they were still together after the game.

Saints owner Tom Benson even made an appearance with the Lombardi Trophy for all to see.

Here he is with his wife, and his granddaughter, Rita Benson LeBlanc. She is also an owner of the team.

This is the view from the stadium steps, looking down into Champions Square.

Once inside the Superdome, it was time to watch the players warm up. I took over 300 pictures inside, so I have tried to post only a reasonable number. You should stop reading now if you're not a fan of Drew Brees. I took quite a few (or a couple hundred) of him.

I like how I caught the ball in mid-air in this one.

I like this one because of what looks like a mom and her kids in the background watching from the sidelines.

I'll have to show this one to Matthew, since it demonstrates how you need your hand up when you throw. Bob Griese showed him that when we were posing for the picture with the MVP quarterbacks.

Fire up!

Oh yeah, there were some other guys on the field. Here is Brett Favre, and I think that's Al Michaels he's talking to. I don't really think Brett was feeling the love in the Superdome.

Back to Drew.

Umbrellas are popular in New Orleans. Even in the Superdome. When it's not raining. I thought this one was cute.

These girls had cleverly made replica Lombardi Trophies out of foil, with their hopes for a "2 Dat."

Had to get a picture of Tracy Porter. Hero of the Super Bowl. The most I've ever cheered for a player from IU.

Brett Favre checking out the opponent.

Back to Drew again.

Jeremy Shockey.
Coach Sean Payton. I think he messes with his visor to calm his nerves before the game.

And back to Drew.

The offense huddles up.

Getting ready to inflate the tunnel.

And it's up!

The Benson family and the Saintsations rode in on a float to bring in the trophy.

That's Harry Connick Jr. on the float, singing "When they Saints go Marching In." He is a native of New Orleans.

And the banner is revealed! So exciting!

The starting lineup is announced with smoke and fireworks.

The coin toss at midfield. The Saints win the toss, and elect to receive.

A couple of days before the game, Drew Brees held a press conference to introduce his idea for a new pregame chant for the fans in the stadium. He explained it in the video below. Turn off the blog music if you want to watch the video.

Drew Brees Proposes New Pre-Game Ritual

In the video, he said that after the coin toss, the acting captain would raise his arm, and then lower it. That is the signal to start the chant, "Who Dat, Who Dat, Who Dat say they gonna beat them Saints!" One of the fans we met outside the stadium learned we were from Indiana, and wanted to be sure we had watched enough TV that we knew about the chant. She was sure it would be a success because, in her words, "Whatever Drew Brees wants, Drew Brees gets." We even had someone on the plane, seeing our Purdue clothing, thank us for Drew Brees. You are welcome!

Here he is with his arm raised ready to lead the chant. It was SO LOUD! And it was really neat to be a part of the beginning of a new Superdome tradition.

This is Colbie Caillat, singing the National Anthem. She is one of Jennifer's favorites. I have a couple of her songs on my playlist too.

Had to get a picture of the mascot Gumbo, for which my Gumbo is named.

I didn't take pictures during the game, just sat back and enjoyed it. It wasn't the high scoring contest most folks had anticipated, but the final score showed the Saints on top. A win is a win. Drew said, "We're not used to 14-9, but we are used to winning."

I guess this is called the Superdome Leap.

The winning quarterback after the game.

And the smiling fans. Who Dat!


Anonymous said...

This was so fun to read! Thanks for taking the time to write this blog so we can keep up with all of you.

Anonymous said...

That was me, Ann, who wrote that. I didn't know how to add my name. However, having someone who is anonymous following you and commenting seems creepy so I just wanted to let you know its just your computer challenged friend.

Susan said...

Haha. Yes Ann, good to know who it is. I enjoy writing it. Thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting! Glad you enjoyed it!