Tuesday, September 21, 2010


On Saturday, we headed to West Lafayette for the second Purdue home game. There were parts of the day that reminded me of the old children's book Fortunately by Remy Charlip. It was one of our favorites growing up, and I was pleased to see that it is still available at Amazon.

So, fortunately, we arrived at the tailgate lot early, and started to put up our flags.
Unfortunately, we forgot the flagpole.
Fortunately, everyone still found us. :)

Matthew and his cousin, Will, had fun playing with a football set that I found in New Orleans. Thanks to a very helpful sales clerk, I brought it home. She used the fact that they were able to get the uniforms in black and gold for the Saints as a key selling point. Fortunately, it works for Purdue too!

Haleigh enjoyed her lunch while we ate pancakes, sausage, and chocolate chip cake to celebrate Jim's birthday (again).

Matthew and Will were set for the game wearing their eyeblack.

I posted this picture, from the first home game, on the Purdue Athletics Facebook page. Fortunately, thanks to friends, family, and Boiler fans who 'liked' the photo, Haleigh won 4 tickets to the game!

Here she is showing off her prize.

Fortunately, Haleigh was wearing her cute Purdue bow at the tailgate.
Unfortunately, the bow took a little dip in the pancake syrup.
Fortunately, Darci was able to wash it, and Andrew found a spot for it to dry.
The cymbal line did a special dance during the halftime performance. I'm sure it's a parody of a popular group or artist. Unfortunatly, I'm not young enough or cool enough to know who it is.

Matthew and Will had fun in the stadium cheering for the Boilers, eating popcorn, watching the band, and even posing for a picture.

Fortunately, the Boilers were the winners, 24-14, over Ball State.
Unfortunately, the Tahoe had a dead battery because someone had left the key on.
Fortunately, we were able to borrow jumper cables and push it into position to get it jump started.
Fortunately, we had a reservation at Bruno's this time, so there was no waiting.
Matthew was finished with his eyeblack, and put it on me to wear. We decided Haleigh probably wanted to join the fun, and she looked pretty cute wearing it. Here is her tough face.
And her victory face! Boiler Up!

Fortunately, there were no more mishaps, and a great day was had by all.

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