Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You Tube and I Tube

Monday left a little time for tubing... probably the last chance of the year. It has been a good summer at the lake house, and I'm looking forward to lots more special days there with family and friends. So blessed to be able to share good times together on the water.

Andrew and Matthew were ready for tubing. Jim was the driver, Darci and Haleigh watched, and I was the spotter. Our lake requires that an orange flag be raised when the tuber(s) fall off as a safety precaution. The lake patrol makes sure everyone follows this rule.

They are all set as we pull them through the idle zone in the cove.

And here we go!!

Look ma, no hands!

I think maybe Andrew wanted to fall off. :)

How was it boys?

Darci and little movie star in her shades, Haleigh.

And Gumbo watched too.

Off the boat, and relaxing in her straight life jacket.

Then she got to swing in the hammock with Aunt Fer.

And Matthew and Grandpa? Well it seems this is a familiar pose. All the Stewarts are good sleepers you know.

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