Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boiler Up Baby!

We took a little trip last week to see my favorite team play football, so I didn't have much time for blogging. I will post some pictures from the trip, but it will take me a little time to sort them out. I took 500. Really. And I know you don't want to see them all.

In the mean time, the Boilermakers played their first home game of the season, and sweet baby Haleigh made her first trip to Ross-Ade Stadium. She was looking cute in her new Boiler bow, even with Uncle Adam being 'that guy' in the background.

They posed for a few pictures, and Adam was enjoying his girl Haleigh.

We flew our new flags to mark our spot in the tailgate lot. A black Purdue train and a Saints flag. Come see us!

Adam brought some buddies, and they helped to make sure the pancakes, sausage, and bacon all got eaten. Thanks guys! Come back again!

Haleigh didn't get pancakes and sausage, but she enjoyed her own version of tailgate food. She's wearing her bib from Uncle David and Aunt Shylah. It says "Hoosiers Drool, Purdue Rules." Definitely. We missed David and Shy, and Jim had to set up the tent all by himself. We hope it will work out for them to come for Homecoming, and I know they were cheering for the Boilers from NC.

Ben and Becky Wicker came by the tailgate, and I'm guessing Becky and Darci are sharing some mommy talk. Ben and Becky have a new baby, Maggie, but she didn't come to the game this time.

Haleigh was probably the cutest Boiler baby ever in her new jumper and bow. And yes, she was the star of the tailgate and the game, at least in my opinion.

Here are Darci, Haleigh, and Andrew ready to head in to the stadium.

And in our seats. Let's go Boilers!

She did have to take just a short little nap at the game. All that cheering wears a girl out!

Darci took Haleigh on a little walk to visit Aunt Becky and some friends, and ran into the Rickes as well. Elizabeth's son Cooper was enjoying his first Purdue football game, too, and they snapped this picture entitled, "Love at first football." We will have to show it to Cooper and Haleigh when they're starting their freshman year at Purdue.

After the game, we had a great supper at Bruno's, and Adam posed for a few more shots with his favorite niece.

Oh! And the Boilers won too! A fun day for all. Except maybe Keith Smith, who hurt his knee during the game... Let's hope we can win a few more!

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