Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Business, Beignets, Beef, & Bananas

Jim did find it necessary to conduct a little business while we were in New Orleans. He sure does love his computer.

We walked to Cafe Beignet for breakfast on Wednesday. New Orleans is famous for beignets, and I must say, they are delicious. Cafe du Monde is the most famous beignet restaurant, but it was a much longer walk. Of course, we could have used the exercise after eating the beignets, but remember it was HOT! And I was already getting blisters!

We took the streetcar over to Magazine Street to do some shopping, and though I carried my camera, I somehow didn't take a single picture. We visited the Fleurty Girl shop, as well as the NFL Shop for Women.

We made it back to the hotel, and decided to relax upstairs by the pool.
A little more business. And a cold beverage.

We ate dinner at the Rib Room, which was located in our hotel. We started off with New Orleans crusty bread.

The prime rib looked delicious.

And tasted delicious.

Thursday was game day, so we decided on a late breakfast at Brennan's, also just a short walk on Royal Street. Their specialty dessert is Bananas Foster, named not for the man who first prepared it, but for the man who first ordered it. Our friendly waiter, Nick, gave us some history of the restaurant and the dish as he prepared it.

In the next room, there was a group of football players having some sort of alumni meeting. Nick told us that they were expecting Dan Marino. I then asked him to leave the door open between the rooms so I could have a clear view. Someone eventually shut the door, but apparently Dan was a no-show anyway.

Add a little rum...

and you get a little fire! Impressive!

He did it again to make sure I got a picture.

And served it up on ice cream. Yum! So much good food in New Orleans!

Back at the hotel, they were decorating for the game. Who Dat!

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