Thursday, September 30, 2010

Raise the Song of Harvest Home

One of the blessings of living in Indiana is the opportunity to experience four seasons. Fall brings the start of school, leaves changing color, crisp cool days, football, and the beauty of the harvest. I took this picture with my iPhone on my way home one day. I did stop the car first. Don't worry, Oprah.

Field fires have been all too common this year because of the hot, dry conditions. This fire happened just north of us on the Rush-Decatur County line. It burned several hundred acres. Farmers in the area hurried to help contain the fire. Steve sent some of our guys with a water truck, along with a tractor and disc to create a barrier for the flames. I found these photos online.

My friend Sarah lives north of Milroy, and took some pictures from her house. Her husband also went to help. Check out her blog to see more. I heard originally that it was thought to have been started by a cigarette, and I later heard that it may have been a combine. In either case, the dry conditions call for extreme caution in all circumstances. We pray for safety as the farmers work to finish up the harvest.

The day of the fire, our guys were harvesting across from the house, and I took a few pictures of the combine running beans.

You can see how dry it is by the dust in the air.

I thought I would include one of my favorite vintage fall harvest photos. Seems like just yesterday.

Fall 1988. David almost 6, Jonathan 1, Jennifer almost 3, Andrew 4.

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