Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Open a New Window

Our house recently got a bit of a face lift. Not exactly Extreme Home Makeover, but exciting (and needed!), nonetheless. First we got a new roof. Now I guess we did need one, but I really would have liked one on the barn rather than the house. When it rains, I can fill buckets INSIDE the barn. It rains IN PeeWee's stall. Of course, that hasn't been much of an issue this summer.

After the roof, they put new siding on the dormers, and installed new windows and doors.

This is the back dormer before.

Old window out.

New window ready.

New window in!

And the after shot. All finished.
The roof soffit before.

And after.

The sun room before. Door and windows original to the house, built in 1948.

And the sun room after.

The front door before.

Front door after.

Side door before.

And after.

Next on the agenda: replace this old fence!

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