Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Goin' to Granny's

It was beautiful at the lake this weekend, but even more beautiful because of this girl.

Haleigh is such a big girl, that she got to come stay all night at the lake with Granny and Grandpa while her mommy and daddy went to Lexington to the UK football game.

She had fun taking a boat ride.

And she even helped Grandpa drive the boat.

Gumbo enjoyed the ride too!

She started to doze off on our second time around the lake, but opened her eyes just as we parked the boat.

We did notice the grassy knoll across the way was looking a bit brown. It's hard to keep grass green without rain.
And I guess some folks aren't aware that there is currently a burn ban for Brown County and most of Indiana. Hmmmm.....

Haleigh was up bright and early on Sunday morning, ready for breakfast.

Lookin' good and ready to cheer on the Saints. Unfortunately, the Saints didn't look quite so good. Even so, it was a happy weekend with our sweet little Haleigh.

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