Monday, October 25, 2010

My Baby

Twenty years ago, we welcomed our fifth baby to our family. The four "big kids" went to a Halloween party at Ruthann's while we went to the hospital. We didn't know if it was a boy or a girl, and we were thrilled to have our little Adam Carter.

I tried to add the song, "The Baby," by Blake Shelton, to my playlist to go with this post since it's pretty appropriate, especially the line, "She would always save me, because I was her baby." At least that's what the big kids always said.

You must admit, he was a cutie. Look at those curls.

He always liked swimming,

brought flowers to his mommy,

was a bit of a picky eater,

and was anxious to go to school like the big kids.

He experienced a few broken bones,

checked on the corn with his daddy,

and needed a nap every now and then.

He liked playing outside on the farm,

and dressing up like a cowboy.

He showed cattle at the County Fair, and won a trophy in showmanship.

He grew,

and grew,

while his hair got shorter... or gone!

He is a great uncle,

an MVP swimmer,

and a GCHS grad.

He loves his sibs (and they love him).

He likes being a Boilermaker,

having fun,

and just keepin' it real.

Happy 20th Birthday, Adam!
I love you!

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