Monday, October 18, 2010

Who Dat Baby!

Darci sent me some sweet pictures of Haleigh yesterday, all dressed for church in her pretty fleur de lis outfit. I found it in NOLA, along with the hat. Speaking of fleur de lis, Matthew told me that his class has their desks arranged in a horse shoe, but he really thinks it should be a fleur de lis. Not sure his teacher will go for that. Or know what it is. :)

Looks like she's standing up all by herself.

She's smiling because the Saints offense was back on track, winning the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers yesterday. Tampa Bay has been Jon's team since Mike Alstott played for them. Sort of the same way I became a Saints fan, by following a Purdue player.

Someone else was happy after the game. Not only because they won, but because he's about to become a daddy for the second time. This is the message he sent out after the game: Great win today in Tampa. Now it's baby time. Hopefully #2 decides to come this week. Appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers.

Earlier this week, Drew asked for baby name suggestions. They are looking for a 'b' name, not in most baby books, for their second baby boy, to go with Baylen, age 21 months. They got 6000 responses on Facebook and Twitter. I think that should give them some ideas to work with. I'll be anxious to hear their choice. I think Boiler Brees has a nice ring to it. :)