Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just for Kicks

Matthew had a soccer game this morning, and we were able to go watch. I was reminded of many long ago Saturdays at the soccer field with our kids (pre Boiler football games). Since Purdue had a bye this week, we were available to go to Matthew's game. Purdue needed a bye week (or 10) to recover and regroup from recent injuries. In fact, it may be more exciting to watch Matthew's soccer games.

This week, the two teams from Arlington were facing off against each other. Since they were both wearing their purple shirts, Matthew's team wore the red mesh shirts over their purple ones.

I used my old camera for the pictures today. I had to send my good camera in for repair. All the way to California. It was hard. Hopefully it will be all fixed up and back in a jiffy. Will you pray for me? :)

It was a chilly day, and Matthew was glad he had his hat. I think the temperature actually dropped during the game. And then... it... even... started... to... sprinkle!

Matthew: "Hey, A.J., the ball is that way!"

Haleigh enjoyed watching the game.

And so did Daddy.

Matthew is good at playing defense.

They ended in a tie, which I learned a long time ago, is not a bad way to end a game.

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Sarah said...

Oh no!! What happened to your camera?
I shed a tear for you!;)