Tuesday, October 26, 2010

K & D Get Married

We attended the wedding of Katie and David on Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding, and so much fun to share in their special day. Of course, it's still just a little bit hard to believe that these kids we watched grow up are getting married. The years are short indeed.

I took my camera to the wedding, and like a good Granny, most of the photos I took are of the little ones. Haleigh is especially rewarding right now, as she seems to enjoy smiling for the camera.

Clara enjoys loving on the little ones.

Their fancy transportation to the reception.

Haleigh again. Always smiling.

Darci was a bridesmaid for her cousin Katie. They posed for a quick family picture after the ceremony.
Matthew and his little sister.

At the reception, Uncle Steve was entertaining the troops. Matthew has a turn while Will, Clara, and Harper watch.

Clara and Arden share a secret.

Josh and Emerson, Arden, and Harper. I'm guessing they're almost never running in the same direction. :)

Harper takes a break.

The kids at the wedding received treat boxes containing these little slinkies. They were most entertaining, and inspired some creative play.

The steps in the lobby area provided further entertainment.

The wedding party shared their shades with Matthew and Will. This is their Blues Brothers pose.

Matthew looking cool.

I did get some pictures of the bride and groom's first dance.

They are so cute.

A sweet one of Katie and Daddy Rich.

Andrew and Darci at the end of the evening.

We wish Katie and David God's blessings and much love as they begin their married life together.

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