Monday, October 18, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Cute

Purdue Homecoming was Saturday, and it was a beautiful day for football. The GOOD news of the day was that Purdue won the game, beating the Minnesota Golden Gophers. That puts the Boilers 2-0 in the Big Ten, and tied at the top of the conference standings. At least for the rest of this week. Those pesky Buckeyes are up next, and may be a bit of a challenge for the good guys. We'll be attending a wedding next Saturday, and will no doubt be keeping up with the score throughout the afternoon. It will be reminiscent of Josh and Erica's wedding, when Jonathan was wearing an earpiece and giving hand signals to our section of the church. Current technology will make things much easier now, since there's definitely an app for that!

Most of the photos in this post are Jennifer's. My camera IS on the way home, and should arrive tomorrow.

Purdue in the huddle. It's just weird seeing the quarterback wearing #15 when it's not, well, you know who.

The BAD news of the day was the rumor I heard as I entered the stadium, that Robbie Hummel had reinjured his knee during practice Saturday morning. Unfortunately, the news was confirmed, and stadium was buzzing as word spread among the fans. It took some of the enthusiasm out of winning the football game. This is a picture of Robbie and Matthew taken in June at the NFF dinner. So sad for Robbie. Sometimes life's not fair.

And now for the CUTE, which included the little (and big) kids that joined us for a great day tailgating. Jim, Matthew, and I arrived early and set up camp. Jim cooked sausage, bacon, and pancakes, to go along with fruit, mimosas, and apple cake for breakfast.

Margaret came with her mommy and daddy. She enjoyed her first football game, and especially liked the Golden Girl.

Jim and Haleigh smile for the camera.

Cute little Boiler fan!

And Aunt Fer was there! She and Matthew enjoyed hanging out together.

The Williamsons before the game.

Adam and his friend Stephany.

The Andrew Stewarts (although Andrew tells me there is only one of him).

Susan and Darci in our shades. I can tell this is after the game since I'm wearing my beads. Part way through the first quarter, Matthew asked me if I packed my beads. I told him they were in my bag. He said I should put them on to help the Boilers, so I did. And it worked! I may have to wear them to the wedding on Saturday. :) I'm not superstitious. Much.

Haleigh sat with us during the second half, and took a little snooze toward the end of the game. This is her happy victory face!

Margaret enjoyed her sandwich after the game. A cheeseburger, hold the burger. Her parents took her on a little tour of Purdue, and I'm told she even made her first run through the engineering mall fountain. She also decided that she thought she could live there some day. Her mommy was proud.

Matthew likes his cheese WITH a burger. But Granny forgot the dill pickles!

Jim and Matthew in our seats after the first Boiler touchdown of the day. Happy Homecoming and Boiler Up!

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