Sunday, February 7, 2010

6 on the 6th!

February 6, 2010. Matthew's 6th Birthday. A snowy day outside, but lots of indoor fun to celebrate the day.

We started off at good old GCHS for the second annual alumni basketball game. Andrew and Jonathan participated in the game, and thankfully there were no injuries nor oxygen required.

Matthew ate a bit of lunch in the stands while his daddy and his Uncle Big Jon warmed up.

Josh, Andrew, and Jon share a light moment before getting their game faces on.

Haleigh enjoyed her first basketball game sleeping on her mommy's lap.

Here is Big Jon directing Andrew to face Bryce in the opening tip of the game. Thanks Jon.

Andrew sets up for a free throw.

Half time, thank goodness. This is tough on the old guys!

Home of the Pirates. And many fond memories. The older they get, the better they were.

Big Jon has his own special way of smiling for the camera.

Andrew, Jon, and Josh rallying the team. I love this one.
Big Jon chatting up the ref. Just like old times.

They weren't so good at the free throws, but from the three point line, it's nothin' but net. Not much defense going on.

Matthew and Grandpa concentrate on the game.

After the game, Matthew got to go on the court with his daddy. Right in step.

Reach high for the basket... with a little help from his dad.

Future star?

Home from the basketball game sporting the hat hair. Looks like a mohawk!

Next stop, Parkside Lanes to roll a few games. Darci helps Matthew with his bowling shoes.

Shylah helps with the ball selection and the proper finger placement.

A little help from Dad.

The next three shots show the progression of bowling form.

Puttin' some spin on it.
Haleigh's first game of bowling. I think she was trying to make a phone call.

Uncle David gives some bowling instruction. David was on the AKL "A Team" Intramural Bowling at Purdue you know.

Rollin' a good one.
Ready for the next turn.

This face means, "I'm tired of pictures, Granny!"

Rollin' like a pro.

And he rolled a STRIKE! Too bad we all missed it, but the computer doesn't lie! Way to go Matthew!

Big Jon arrived in time to congratulate Matthew on the good game. Jon is an exceptional bowler. It's written inside the closet door, so it must be true.

Our final stop of the day, Matthew's favorite, El Reparo! Grandpa ordered him a plate of his favorite... limes!

Aunt Jenny got to meet Baby Haleigh.

Ready to eat his taco.

Haleigh continued to enjoy the day snoozing in her car seat. What a good baby!

Happy Birthday to Matthew! Ole!

Look at that yummy fried ice cream!

Grandpa and Matthew after their dinner.

Michael samples the fried ice cream. Matthew was good enough to share.

Two ways to show how old he is.

Some of that first grade math he's been learning.

Smiling with his Daddy.

A great way to celebrate being six! Happy Birthday Matthew! We love you!

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