Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fun With Haleigh

Haleigh had a very busy day planned, and it started off with a nice warm bath. The princess is squeaky clean!

Next , she picked up lunch at Wendy's, and went to meet Grandma and Grandpa Stewart for the very first time. Grandma got a chance to snuggle a bit.

Then it was Grandpa's turn.

A quick stop back at Granny's to "refuel" and she headed north to Milroy to have her picture taken. Her mommy did a great job with the wardrobe changes, and keeping our little model happy for her photo shoot.

It was fun to have our friend Sarah shoot the pictures in her cozy home studio.

Haleigh handled the session like a pro, which is a good thing. Only a few (thousand) more photos to come. :)

Of course, we had to do some pictures in her Saints gear. Can you say "Who Dat?"

Sarah even got some Haleigh time when we were done with the pictures. You can get a sneak peek at a few of the photos from today on Sarah's blog.

This evening, we ordered pizza and settled in to watch the Purdue game. They were playing that team in Bloomington, and it seems Purdue hasn't won there since 1999. David, Shylah, Andrew, and Jonathan all attended the game, and we were sure hoping we could come away with a win for the Gold and Black. I guess Haleigh didn't find the first half too exciting.

This is as close as she came to a Boiler Up, and we were fortunate to squeak by with a victory. Hail Purdue! Or should I say Haleigh Purdue!

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Sarah said...

Nice post Susan. Haleigh had a busy day, but was still calm for her session...she really is a good baby. Probably the calmest newborn I have ever taken pictures of. She is a doll:0) BTW, I love the music on here.