Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Showers, Shovels, and Shakes

I took Andrew back to Louisville today, almost 1 week post appendectomy. We found his house pretty well covered in snow, and we were anxious to see the progress on the bathroom project.

The master bath is looking very nice, with a great new shower, two windows, and lovely green drywall.
Andrew checks out the fan above the shower.

The hallway bath has a new tub and the drywall is nearly finished.

The view from inside the bathroom looking toward the hallway.

Andrew makes his way through the snow to the garage to find me a shovel.

After a little work, we thought it was good enough for him to get his car out. Not bad for an old woman and a guy who is not supposed to lift over 10 pounds.

I just had to reward myself with a trip to this place:

A chocolate mint milkshake to go. Mmmmm.....

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Jamalyn said...

Chocolate mint is my favorite too! That looks fabulous!