Thursday, February 11, 2010

Attack of the Appendix

Andrew had an unexpected trip to the ER followed by surgery to remove a pesky appendix. This was further complicated by the fact that their house has no working bathrooms due to their remodeling project, and Darci and Haleigh were in Mulberry. Thankfully, their friends Matt and Shelly took good care of him until his family could arrive. Through roughly 8 inches of blowing snow, I might add.

This was the view from my front door as I prepared to head to Louisville.

Here he is, all ready for surgery and happy to have his picture taken. We thought it only fair to take a couple since Darci had about 100 taken when Haleigh was born. I did have to crop his hands out of the picture. :)

Grandma Leslie, Haleigh, and Darci arrived a few minutes after they took him into surgery.

Holding a beautiful three week old baby made us quite popular at the hospital. Everyone stopped to admire that pretty little Haleigh.

Surgery at 2:00, sent home around 5:00. Thanks again to Matt and Shelly for letting them come to their house for him to recuperate. Andrew settled in to the couch and enjoyed a little snack.

Abbi and Makenna entertained us for a bit before bedtime.

Makenna and I picked out an outfit for her baby doll.

We give thanks for good friends, good doctors, and pray for a smooth and speedy recovery for Andrew.

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