Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is in the Air

We attended the Valentine's weekend wedding of Kelly Hipskind on Saturday. It was a beautiful ceremony as Kelly and Carla began their life together. Kelly's dad, Keith was one of the best men for the wedding. Keith coached both Andrew and Jonathan during their high school basketball careers. Kelly's sister Kate and David (along with Kate's mom Penny) had an adventure talking their way into a basketball game to see Michael Jordan play, and Kelly's youngest sister Kara and Andrew were good buddies throughout school. We were blessed to share this special occasion with good friends.

Kelly, who has never met a stranger, had quite a group of attendants for the wedding. There were 2 best men, 11 groomsmen, 2 ring bearers, 7 ushers, and 7 greeters. You might say that Kelly has "people."

Little Haleigh was very well behaved at the wedding, and took advantage of the time to take a little snooze.

After about an hour, Jon and Josh were craving some Arby's. They might have enjoyed a snooze as well. One thing about a Catholic wedding, they make sure they are good and married!

Haleigh found a comfortable spot to stretch out on her mommy's lap. Darci told Big Jon that her lap wasn't big enough for him.

This is the big bus ready to take the wedding party to the reception.

Jon, Josh, and Andrew enjoying the reception. The blue shirt club.

Uncle Big Jon takes a turn holding Haleigh.

Andrew and Darci. He looks pretty good for just having his appendix out on Wednesday.

Susan and Jim. Who took that picture?

Groom Kelly sharing a dance with his Mama Penny.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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