Saturday, February 27, 2010

We "Aim" to Surprise

This is the sunset we saw as we headed toward Indianapolis on Friday evening. Pretty nice, but we are looking forward to a sunset over sand and sea instead of snow.

We were attending the surprise party for my friend Amy, who had a big birthday this week. Her friend Ginny hosted the party, and the decorations were in keeping with the big birthday theme.

Here is Amy, flanked by her sisters. Dede came from her home in Idaho/California via Hawaii, and Kathy came from way up north in Fort Wayne. It was a fun surprise for Amy to have them all together for the celebration.

Here are the three Miller sisters with their mom Peg. So cute!

Peg and her husband Stan came from their home in Cincinnati.

The party "committee" had done a great job with the 1960 theme, complete with retro foods like green jello and Rice-A-Roni. Here, Amy shows off a can of Tab. Who knew you could still buy it?

And a whole box of delicious White Castles. Yum-my! :)

Time for games, and our hostess, Ginny had prepared a fun trivia game testing our knowledge of 1960. We were tested all right!

Ginny explains the game and divides the teams. To make it more fair. I think.

TEAM AMY in one corner.

TEAM SUSAN SUSAN SUSAN in the other corner. Yes, there were three of us. What can I say, it was a popular name back in the olden days. I think there were 5 Susans in my kindergarten class. But I can't really remember....

We found the questions to be quite challenging, and the competition was fierce. Here is Larry celebrating after he checked the internet to find that his answer was, in fact, correct. Good thing it's not still 1960, or he would have had to check an encyclopedia. Or stone tablets.

Next came the hula hoop competition, er, exhibition. Yes, I can still do it. They thought I'd been practicing. Which I had, of course. Amy, put down my camera!

Amy prefers the over-the-arm technique.

Amy's friend Kristie was the winner. But I'm not sure it counts. She's YOUNG. :)

Ginny gives it a whirl.

Amy opened her lovely cards and gifts. A birthday girl wine glass... two actually.

I think this card was from Dede....

something about dentures.

Kristie had to help her read the fine print.

Amy's favorite, carrot cake, from the Illinois Street Emporium. It says "50 And Holding."

Candles are out! Whew!

Larry cuts the cake. Rich and delicious.

And before the evening could be complete, a little karaoke by the Miller Sisters.

and Amy.
Mom Peg was groovin' to the music. Did I just say groovin'?

I guess that's what we said way back in 1960! Happy Birthday Amy!

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Sarah said...

looks like fun! I think you might be better at the hula hoop than me!;0)