Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

We were up bright and early on Super Bowl Sunday dressed for church and supporting our Saints. Matthew had a quick breakfast before heading to Mulberry for church and another birthday celebration.

Got milk?

This is the cake for his Super Bowl Sunday birthday party. He told me the Saints fans could eat the Saints side, and the Colts fans could eat the Colts side. Awesome cake.

There was just enough time for some pictures before they left, and Baby Haleigh was looking good in her Saints outfit.

Pretty sure she's saying "Who Dat!"

My little Saints fans.

Backing our boy Drew.

Big brother Matthew. Little sister Haleigh.

So yes, I wore my Brees jersey to church. When I told Pastor Jimmy I just had to do it, he said "that's fine, I'm talking about Drew today." That sounded great, but I was leading children's church, and would miss the sermon. Jim suggested I take one of the earphone transmitters available for those who don't hear well. It worked great, and I was able to direct the children and listen to Jimmy at the same time. It was a great sermon.
Jimmy's was actually the second sermon I listened to this morning. Dave and Jamalyn were preaching again at St. Luke's, and I was able to view it on live webcast. When I learned they were preaching on Super Bowl Sunday, I offered to loan them my jersey, but they declined. Another great sermon also.
So we grilled juicy burgers, and had cheesy potatoes, and taco dip, the usual fare. Michael and Jenny came to watch the game, and Jenny brought gumbo. Lucky gumbo, as it turned out. It was delicious, and not to be confused with Gumbo the dog.
We all settled to watch in the basement, and it was a little tense during that first quarter. This was my third and final seating position of the evening. Jim, Gumbo, and I stayed put here for the duration of the game. That is, until I found myself on my feet and praising God for a former IU player. Really? an IU player??
Gumbo wasn't worried at all. Actually he was worn out from playing with Mackey all afternoon.

Final score: Saints 31, Colts 17. Saints win! Or as they say in New Orleans, "pigs have flown, hell has frozen over, the Saints have won the Super Bowl!"
And these next pictures were just too cute to be left out. Yes, I was taking pictures of the TV. Almost like being there.
I think daddy Drew and little Baylen were making everyone tear up a bit. How cute is that? So sweet!

Love this one.

Bring on the trophy.

Sean Payton lifts the trophy.

Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees.

Post game interview. The Saints are smiling tonight.

I celebrated with a small glass of Vintage Brees Chardonnay. Aged to perfection. Special. Yes they are. Who Dat!

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