Monday, February 1, 2010

Haleigh's First Road Trip

Andrew and Darci are having their bathrooms remodeled, and will be without "facilities" for about three weeks. Since Darci and Haleigh really weren't interested in roughing it, they will be visiting the grandparents until the project is finished. Lucky us!

After book club, I headed to Louisville to pick up the girls. It was nice to see the sunshine today, and little traffic made for a smooth trip across the bridge.

I was happy to see that Louisville is supporting the Saints! I think that's a Fleur de Brees on that ambulance.

This is where Andrew, Darci, and Haleigh live.

Haleigh was waiting for me, all snug in her seat.

Andrew and Darci left to run a quick errand, so I got a chance to take a few pictures. Here is a sweet one.

Haleigh needs just a few things for her visit to Granny's.

Andrew gets everything loaded.

She is not crazy about getting in her seat.

Daddy gets her all buckled in, and she's good to go.

She made the trip like a pro, and I hope that all her journeys are as easy as this one. I have a feeling she'll be a seasoned traveler in no time at all.
A clean diaper, a full tummy, and she's ready to be tucked in for her first night in the 'burg. Sweet dreams!

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