Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring is Coming

A sure sign of spring is the opening of Stagg's, the best place for ice cream treats in Rush County. I had heard they would be opening soon, and sure enough, when I passed by on my way to Arlington I could see the OPEN sign through the snow flurries.

Sooo, Matthew and Granny had to make our first stop of the season on our way home from school. He ordered a cookie dough twister, their version of a blizzard, and just as good.

He was anxious to dig in, but agreed to share a little with Granny.

However, I was not allowed to eat any cookie dough pieces, which he carefully scooted to his side of the cup.

I had to take these pictures with my phone, since he would also not allow me to take my camera into the restaurant. (Who's in charge here, anyway?) I had trouble getting a good shot with the phone since there is a little delay between the snap and the capture. That explains the cheesy smile since he had to stay that way a little to long. Or should I call it an ice creamy smile?

Even with snow on the ground, Stagg's was definitely the place to be after school. It was soon full of teenagers hanging out and enjoying some after school sweets. We'll be baaaaaack!


Sarah said...

We look forward to the opening of Stagg's as well. Haven't been there yet, but will probably go on Friday!!!

Jamalyn said...

I love Staggs!! We will be making a voyage for the ice cream. When I was pregnant with Nate, I think we went almost every night for a few weeks!!