Monday, May 31, 2010

Bless This House

Such a busy week getting ready for Memorial Day weekend at the lake house. No time for blogging! We had the whole family gathered for the first time at our new home on Sweetwater Lake.

We blessed the house, and our good friend Pastor Jimmy reminded us of the importance of those lessons we learned in kindergarten. Sharing, napping, warm cookies. We pray that this house will be a place of love and laughter, and sharing the blessing of time spent together.

After supper, we moved to the dock to bless the boats, the lake, and the activities to take place there. With a special blessing for Jonathan. :)

Haleigh and Nana enjoyed the swing.

Adam enjoyed a backrub from his brother Andrew.

Jim smiled for the camera.

Jamalyn gave Margaret a little lesson on water safety on the dock. Pastor Jamalyn added the blessing at water's edge by thanking God for this place as we move into a new stage in our lives. As children grow and leave home, may this be a place where we come together to share our love for one another and make special memories.

Adam relaxing dockside.

Margaret enjoyed her first Dilly Bar. She asked me later if she could have another of those round circles with the chocolate on it. Of course she can. A girl after my own heart.

Andrew and Adam showin' some love in the paddle boat.

We enjoyed some great cookies. Blogger always seems to want to rotate my cookie pictures.

And had an awesome cake to congratulate David on his PhD.

We had another cake for Jonathan's graduation. Just slightly less awesome.

Jim, in a familiar pose, at the end of a great day.

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