Thursday, May 13, 2010

Photo Finish

Jennifer and I finished our photo class last week. We had fun, and learned about the settings on our cameras. It just seems like a lot of math for me, and I'm afraid I will go back to using the green auto setting when I'm in a hurry. Hopefully, with practice, I will get better.

We did learn about some fun techniques, and had homework assignments designed to allow us to try them out. This first one shows panning, when you follow a moving object with the camera so that the object is sharp, while the background is blurry. I tried it with a tractor, but it wasn't moving fast enough. This truck worked pretty well. I think the driver might have been texting.

This one is called zoom blur. I thought Gumbo looked cute this way. Elmo too.

We also learned about depth of field. I took this photo at the park during our class.

This one is at home while they were loading grain. Or something.

This is a picture of the old pump by the barn.

Our teacher, Sarah, is a wedding photographer. She and her partner have a business called LinneaLiz Photography. She is also an instructor for Indy Photo Coach. The class was fun, relaxed, and affordable, and I would recommend it. They offer several different classes, as well as private instruction. Jennifer will be ready for the next level, but I may need to repeat the fundamentals class. Fundamentals for old folks!

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Good Job Susan!!;)