Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pee Wee Gets a Check-Up

Our horse, Calipso Kid, had an appointment with the vet today. He is 28 years old, and affectionately known by all his fans as Pee Wee. We have had him for 15 years, and he's pretty much the best horse in the world. I love him.

Jennifer was home to help get him ready to go. She thought he needed a little hoof trim, so she called our friend Keith to come get him spiffed up. Kind of a pony pedicure.

Pee Wee doesn't mind the trim, but it's hard on the old bones to stretch and stand on three legs. Good thing I don't have to stand like that for a pedicure!

Since Pee Wee is retired, we let him go barefoot. That way, all he needs is an occasional trim to keep his hooves healthy and nice looking.

A big nail file to finish the job.
Before the trip to the clinic in Sheridan for his appointment, Jennifer wraps his legs for protection and support in the trailer.

At this point, Pee Wee, who doesn't get out much anymore, wonders what the heck is happening.

Jennifer loads him up for the long ride to Sheridan. Good thing there's lots of hay in the trailer. Pee Wee has always been a good eater. A little hay will keep him busy for the trip.

We arrive at the clinic...

and Jennifer unloads the patient.

After a wee bit of sedation, he is dewormed and ready to have his teeth floated. Dr. Scott Thompson will smooth the sharp edges of Pee Wee's teeth so that he can more easily chew his food. The speculum goes in his mouth to hold it open while the procedure is done.
Dr. Scott shows Jennifer the inside of Pee Wee's mouth. Today Jennifer got to be the client instead of the vet tech. Tomorrow she will be back to work after a couple days off.

The vet uses some pretty impressive tools. I try to remember this when it's my turn to go to the dentist. One of my least favorite places.

Dr. Scott focuses on his work.

Chris assists Dr. Scott by holding Pee Wee's head.

Pee Wee was very cooperative during the procedure.

After the dental work, he had to get four vaccinations. Another thing I'm not good at. Yes, I'm a baby.

Will, the clinic cat, wasn't too interested in the whole thing, and soon it was time to load up and head home. It was a big day for Pee Wee, and I'm sure he'll sleep well tonight.

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