Sunday, May 16, 2010

Doctor David

It was a cloudy but very exciting day on the Purdue campus, and we were thrilled and proud to attend David's graduation. It's not every day that someone earns a PhD. in Chemistry. Such a smarty.

Another view of the bell tower.

My ticket. I thought the parents of the PhD. candidates should really get reserved seating in the front center section, but all this got us was the balcony. Waaaaay upstairs.

Our view of the stage.

His name was projected on the big screen, along with the name of his professor, Dr. McMillin, who hooded him. His name was also announced by the public orator. Isn't that a cool sounding job?

"David John Stewart, hooded by Professor David McMillin."

The photos are the best I could do from the second balcony. Or was it the third? Definitely the nose bleed section.

A handshake from President Cordova.

Afterwards, David poses with Dr. McMillin.

And Shylah.

And proud Mom and Dad.

Showing off his fancy hood.
David poses in front of Wetherill Hall. His second home for the last, oh, nine years or so.

And another picture in front of the bell tower.

Then it's off to lunch at McGraw's.

David and Shylah will be heading to the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill where David will be doing post doctoral work in the chemistry department. They will be a little black and gold speck in a sea of blue out there.

We toasted the doctor with champagne all around.

We were joined for lunch by David's two professors and their wives. Dr. Margerum is on the right, and Dr. McMillin on the left. David started working with Dr. Margerum until his retirement, and then was passed along to Dr. McMillin. They have both been great mentors for David, and instrumental in his successful academic career. We are thankful for the blessing they have been to him.

We had to get a shot of the whole family.

Haleigh was good as gold. Such a happy girl!

Of course we got a shot of the sibs.

Being silly with his hood.

And just for fun, I thought I would post a picture from David's undergrad commencement, in 2005. Wow. Aren't they cute?

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