Sunday, May 9, 2010

Some Assembly Required

The new sofa from IKEA went to the lake for assembly. There really was a sofa in those boxes! It just didn't look like one at first. After carrying the pieces into the house, we took a look at the directions and got started. Jim and Shylah begin with the bottom of the sofa.

The cushions were in a pile waiting for the covers.

Shylah and Jim attach the arms.

Shylah's side is about finished.

Jim was a little slower.

So Shylah give him some pointers.

When the sofa was done, David and Shylah started on the coffee table.

We discovered the TV would fit perfectly on the mantel. It made arranging the room so much easier.

Good thing Shylah was there, or we might not have gotten any of the assembly done. Of course, David was just a wee bit tired after running 13 miles in the mini marathon. Way to go, David! (and Jennifer too!)

Assembly all done, and room all arranged. I like it!

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Anonymous said...

It looks great! Do they hire out?