Saturday, May 22, 2010

Smokey Mountain High

We headed for North Carolina Friday morning to check out some rental houses for David and Shylah. Since I was driving, I didn't get a chance to take too many pictures, but David took some with my iPhone on the way.

We were able to see clearly (or not so clearly at times) how the Great Smokey Mountains got their name.

I had David catch a quick picture of the Christmas Tree Inn. I remember staying here on the way to FCA Camp in Banner Elk, North Carolina when I was in high school. We thought it was hilarious that they had Christmas decorations up all year long.

We went through a few tunnels.

And arrived safely in North Carolina. We stopped for a quick break at the welcome center rest stop.

We took a picture in front of a big gorge behind the rest area.

Getting closer....!

Only one small traffic delay.

And we arrived at Ashlie and Steve's in Raleigh in time for a lovely dinner and a great welcome. We will begin our house quest tomorrow morning.

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Anonymous said...

The Christmas Tree Inn!! I am glad it is still there. Did you honk and sing when you went through the tunnels?