Friday, May 7, 2010

IKEA is Hard Work!

I went on a little outing to IKEA yesterday, in West Chester, Ohio, near Cincinnati. I decided that for shopping at IKEA, you really need another person with you. Or four. Preferably strong boys. I know where to find some, I'll just have to remember to take them with me next time. :)

I was looking for a sofa, and decided on this one. Except in blue, like the ottoman.

I really like this table, and will probably have to go back and get it. With the aforementioned strong boys.

Chairs to match.

Here is my little cart. The box has a coffee table inside.

Here is the loaded van. Doesn't look like a sofa, does it?

This cute couple had been working for at least 30 minutes on loading their purchases. They were still working when I left. Hope they got the puzzle figured out.

As I was pulling out, I noticed an area for bike parking. Who rides a bike to IKEA? Seriously.

Driving home from Cincinnati always gives us the opportunity to see the sunset. Sunglasses required.

Now if I can just find some strong boys to help with unloading and assembly, I'll be all set!

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