Saturday, May 22, 2010

House Hunt

We had four houses on the schedule today in hopes of finding one for David and Shylah to rent. The first one was cute, clean, and had nice hardwood floors and a nice kitchen. A bit small, but a possibility. It did have a large no-longer-used propane tank in the back yard, which was a bit of a negative. On to the next one.

House number two was a no. A definite no. Pretty much a double wide with a heavy equipment depository in the back yard. The realtor was anxious to tell us about the main selling point in the community of "Byum" (I think that's what she called it). She said on Friday nights in their little artsy community, there is a mixer down at the general store with live music. Bluegrass, R & B, jazz, etc. Sweet.

House number three is a possibility. It is very spacious, with a nice wooded lot, and a well and septic system. The negative is that the wallpaper is rather dated, or "funky" as David described it. Could be changed with landlord approval.

House number four is also a possibility at this point. It is owned by a nice couple who will be moving to west NC for his residency. They have been unable to sell the house, and answered David's ad on Craig's list looking for housing. The two car garage is nice. It is in a crowded neighborhood where the houses are very close together. Nice for meeting friends, but not much privacy.

When it was time to break for lunch, we met up at Piola for some great pizza.

Ashlie shows us her pizza.

My choice.

Ashlie and Steve who provided our awesome accommodations for the weekend. Thanks guys!

After lunch, David, Shylah and I headed to the UNC campus to take a look around. They have a bell tower like Purdue, and it's right across from the chemistry lab where David will be working. To make him feel at home.

This is the name of the lab.

This is the top of the building with the exhaust stacks from the fume hoods in the labs.

We tried all the doors, but everything was locked up on Saturday afternoon. David will be meeting with his professor on Monday morning.

Another view of the bell tower.

We also made a trip to the bookstore. They still love MJ in North Carolina. :)

David wasn't surprised this rack was 50% off. Cute. We bought a couple of apparel items (not these shorts) while we were there. Sorry Jamalyn.

Celebration banners hanging around campus.

Of course we had to drive by the Dean Dome.

We even caught a glimpse of Jordan himself inside the window. Is he waving?

Another house or two tomorrow, and they hope to make a decision.

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