Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Haiti on my Mind

Jamalyn is in Haiti this week, and I have been holding her close in prayer. She is a brave one for sure. I will also be sharing my experiences in Haiti with a group tomorrow, and I've been thinking of our friends in Fondwa as I prepare my program.

This is a video of Sister Carmelle speaking about life following the earthquake. Sister Carmelle, along with Sister Simone, are the ones who oversee the school and the orphanage in Fondwa. They, along with several other sisters, lived in the guest house before it was destroyed. I had the honor of hosting Sisters Simone and Carmelle for dinner in our home on one of their visits to the States. The video shows where the children from the orphanage are currently living. There are approximately 50 children, a group of sisters, and several neighbors living together in these tin and tarp structures, and some tents. Jamalyn and her group will be staying with them this week too.

Please pray for hope and healing as they begin the process of rebuilding their community.

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