Monday, October 17, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

Our church had a mission work day on Saturday. There were projects for folks of all ages and abilities. Some worked outdoors, some worked indoors, and all had a great day working in community and serving others.

We began the day with breakfast at the church, and "prayed the groups out" to a variety of job sites.

My dad and Pastor Jimmy shared some conversation before the work began. I would guess they might have been discussing sports.

I was in charge of the project for the children, and we put together bags for the children in the orphanage in Fondwa, Haiti. We had items for the boys...

and items for the girls.

We had five energetic kids working to pack 60 bags.

The blue bags are for the boys, and the red bags are for the girls. Our mission committee chair screen printed the bags with the outline of Haiti and the Kreyol spelling of the country, "Ayiti." I will take the bags with me when I travel with a group to Haiti the first week in November.

Ryan shows off the growing stack of completed bags. They had them all packed in no time.

After the bags were packed, we worked on cards to include in each bag.

The cards say "God Bless You" in Haitian Kreyol, with an outline of Haiti on the front. Inside, the children wrote a note, and signed their names. We will add a photo to each card so the Haitian children can "meet" their American friends.

Some of the moms even helped with the cards when they came back from their projects.

Here is our little group, holding up some of their cards.

As the groups returned to the church, we shared lunch together, and had the opportunity to write down our thoughts and reflections from the day.

One of the little boys, who helped out at the soup kitchen with his mom, wrote the following note:
I love it!

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