Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Take Me Back Tuesday

I'm sharing another group of vintage photos today, in a post I've renamed "Take Me Back Tuesday."

Fall at our house means corn harvest, and it was always a good opportunity to take some pictures atop the wagons as they were being brought in. They used to bring the wagons to the lot beside the barn, until we fenced it and put a horse in it. This was convenient since it was right beside our house. Days just like today, with clear, bright blue sky and crisp autumn air are my very favorite kind of fall days.

Here are Andrew and David, in the fall of 1985. Andrew is 1 1/2, and David is almost 3.

Fall 1986. David, almost 4, Jennifer, almost 1, and Andrew, 2 1/2. It must have been a warm fall day for that picture. No shirts, no shoes!

Fall, 1988. David, almost 6, Jonathan 1 1/2, Jennifer, almost 3, and Andrew 4 1/2.

I don't know if I stopped taking corn wagon photos after Adam was born, or I just couldn't locate one. Maybe they weren't quite as interested. Or maybe it was too hard to get all 5 up on that wagon! Anyway, I found a fall picture of the 5 of them, taken at Hanover College over fall break, 1995.
Jonathan 8, David, almost 13, Adam 5, Andrew 11, and Jennifer, almost 10.

This was taken in the soybean field for our Christmas card, 1996. I know they will love seeing this one. :)

To continue the tradition, this is grandson Matthew posing on the corn wagon. I think he was 2 1/2. We need to get a picture of his sisters up there with him before the corn is all in! Happy Tuesday!

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