Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Baby

My baby turns 21 today. Can you believe it?
The lyrics to this Blake Shelton song always remind me of Adam:

"My brother said that I
was rotten to the core.
I was the youngest child,
so I got by with more.

I guess she was tired by
the time I came along.
She'd laugh until she cried,
I could do no wrong.
She would always save me,
because I was her baby."

I guess I kind of dressed him like a girl. 
I need to apologize to him for that. 
He was my little prince. And my baby.

His Grandpa Stewart always carried the picture below in his wallet. 
He showed it to 'most everyone he met, 
and liked to tell them that by the time the 5th baby comes along, 
you can't afford shirts or shoes.
The family seed business was started by Adam's great-grandfather, 
Arthur Carter Stewart. 
Since Adam has the same initials, 
for Adam Carter Stewart, 
we thought it would make a special photograph. 
Adam was one year old in the picture.

Sara Evans sings a song called "You'll Always Be My Baby."

"in the sunlight or the rain 
brightest nights or darkest days
I'll always feel the same way 

yeah whatever road you may be on
know you're never too far gone
my love is there wherever you may be
just remember that you'll always be my baby"

Yes you will.

Happy Birthday Adam.
I love you!

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