Monday, October 10, 2011

Sing a Song of Second Grade

Last Thursday, it was Second Grade Family Fun Night at grandson Matthew's elementary school. It's always fun to gather with parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins to support the young performers.

Matthew waited patiently for the signal to take the stage.

Haleigh waited patiently too.

Matthew took his place in the middle of a group of little girls. What a lucky guy!

Haleigh paid close attention to the singing.

The teachers work together to coordinate subject matter across the curriculum, so the second graders were singing songs about space travel and the solar system. That is right up Matthew's alley, since he thinks he might want to be an astronaut some day.

Looking through their telescopes.

Blasting off to outer space.

The principal, Mr. Linville, kept a watchful eye on the proceedings. Just as he has been doing since our kids were up on stage.

Mrs. Enneking is the music teacher, and had the students well prepared for their program. Just as she has been doing since our kids were up on stage.

Matthew's teacher is Mrs. Wilson. We taught together many years ago.

Ella enjoyed the program as well.

After the singing, the students took their parents to the gym for a little animal scavenger hunt. Matthew was working hard to finish first.

The answers to the questions were found on the animal reports done by the students and displayed around the room. This is Matthew's rhinoceros.

When the questions were answered, the students were rewarded with a candy treat.

Aunt Shylah kept an eye on Ella during the scavenger hunt.

We were greeted by a pretty sunset over the athletic fields as we exited the parking lot. A great ending to a night of second grade fun.

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