Monday, October 3, 2011

Oh, Boilers...

It was a great day tailgating on Saturday at Purdue, even if the outcome of the game wasn't great at all. Jim started off the day with chips and dip.

We picked up Jennifer and Bryan in Indy, and Bryan brought his famous guacamole.

I think it's a super secret recipe. That suits me just fine, since I'm happy to let him make it for us. :)

The sky was blue, and our flags were flying high. If you're ever at a Purdue game, look for us under the black Purdue train and Saints flag. We'll have tasty food and cold beverages to share.

Adam posed with a couple of his fraternity brothers, Doug and John.

Jonathan had a little run-in with this chair. That's why he's called Big Jon.

There are lots of colorful and unique flags in the lot.

Jonathan relaxed in another, sturdier chair.

We were glad to have John with us.

We also had Matt, Shelly, Abbi and Makenna up from Louisville for the game. Makenna, Matthew, and Abbi had some fun in the Tahoe.

I don't know how I missed getting Matt and Shelly in a picture. Maybe I was worried about what Shelly and Jennifer were planning to do on Sunday. Which was jump out of an airplane. Which they did. Successfully. God is good.

Haleigh is showing us she's one year old. Or we're number one. Or not.

Darci and Ella.

I especially like Darci's shirt.

And the cookies she made.

Jon and Hay having some fun with the little football.

Or was it the bottle?

Our friend Carl stopped by to see us, and shared a smile with Ella.

Watch the bottle, Ella.

Adam and his friend Doug, who grew up just down the road in Milroy.

Jamalyn was able to stop by, and got to pose with the two boys.

This guy was at the tailgate next door, and we enjoyed his fancy coat.

As usual, we served juicy burgers and blue cheese slaw.

Matthew and Haleigh played a little corn hole.

I'm not sure Haleigh really grasped the concept.

Hello down there!

She looks cute anyway.

The pregame show was exciting under the lights.

I Am An American.

The coin toss kid goes out with the captains for the toss.

Of course, there were some visitors in the stands.

Purdue Pete delivered roses to someone in the stands near us.

After a pretty dismal first half, the band was the highlight of the game. Can you see the drummers doing handstands on the drums?

It was a dance theme, and unfortunately, it would be the only dancin' by the Boilers. But as I've said before, it is time spent with family and friends that makes it a great day. We'll keep telling ourselves that, anyway. :)

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