Saturday, January 14, 2012

Birthday and Basketball

There is nothing like high school basketball in Indiana. To celebrate my birthday yesterday, we attended the high school game to watch our Greensburg Pirates take on arch rival Batesville Bulldogs. The last time we played the Bulldogs on my birthday was Jonathan's senior year. He was still battling back issues, and didn't play in the game. The team came to our house for dinner the night before the game, and I told them I wanted a win for my birthday. When they ran off the court after a hard-fought victory, Jon's buddy Josh looked up to find me and shouted "happy birthday!" It was so much fun.

My birthday and basketball games seem to go together. In fact, my parents like to tell that I was born after they attended a double overtime game watching these same Greensburg Pirates. Well, not the same players, but you know what I mean.

It is fun to be able to live in the same town in which I grew up, cheering for the Pirates, watching our own kids play, and enjoying the community support of the young athletes. In a couple weeks, there will be an alumni game, giving past players of all ages the opportunity to return to the court for a fun day of competition.

There was excitement in the air as the game got started. We have gone to several of the games this year. The team is pretty good. As in undefeated good. Also, they have a new guy this year as the voice of your Greensburg Pirates. He's pretty good too.

The coach gives encouragement to the team.

The students were out in force. Is that a gorilla? And a banana?

The team struggled a bit in the first half, and were behind at half time.

The Pirateers gave a great half time performance. The one in the middle is Alli's sister Tori. It was easy to find her with her name on her leg. :)

They have posters up for the senior players. I thought this was kind of ironic because just a few years ago there were 2 seniors up there, also named Stewart and Lee. The current Lee is Josh's younger brother. The current Stewart, however, is not related to us.

It's a full house as play begins in the second half. When we play the Bulldogs, it is a sea of blue and white, since both teams wear the same colors.

There's the announcer about whom I was speaking. He does a great job. Yes, I know, I'm his mom. :)

The Pirates battled back and tied the game with 3:41 to go.

Down 2 with 14.8 on the clock.

OVERTIME!! A classic Indiana high school basketball game on a snowy night in January.

The student section waves the rally towels.

Final score: Pirates 85, Bulldogs 82. Yay for the good guys!!

The teams shake hands.

And then, the students rush the court.

And drop to take a Tebow.

Under the watchful eye of Principal Chapple.

On, oh Greensburg....

And I even got the boys to pose for an after game photo.
Adam, Andrew, and Jonathan.

Coach Meyer comes out after each game to give an interview to the local radio station.
I think this photo needs a caption. Any ideas?

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