Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fleur de Fleece

Fleece blankets are very popular around our house. I made my first one several years ago, and although I have not kept count of how many I've made, it is surely in the hundreds by now. For the 'standard' size, I use two yards of two colors of fleece, a print and a solid. For the big and tall version, I use three yards.

Matthew asked for a Saints blanket for Christmas, and I decided to use three yards so that he could 'grow into it.' :)

I use my living room floor for the construction, and lay the solid piece down first, with the print piece on top.

Make sure it is smooth, and as even as possible.

Then I cut the selvage from the print piece, cutting the solid layer at the same time, to straighten and even up the edges.

I use my tape measure to cut a 7 inch square out of each corner. I sometimes make this smaller for a small blanket, but I find that this size makes the fringe easy to tie and nice looking.

I need to find a good use for the cut squares. Beanbags, maybe? Pin cushions? Doll pillows? Dust rags?

After the corners are cut, I start cutting the fringe. I usually lay my tape measure across the blanket for a cutting guide for the length of the fringe. I just eyeball the width of the fringe, but it's probably about an inch.

After all four sides are cut, then I go back around tying the knots. It's hard to see in this picture, but I always tie mine together like a tassel. Take the top and bottom together, loop it around and pull it through. I like the way the fringe looks with this kind of knot.

I can usually make one in just under an hour.

As I said, they are pretty popular around here. They wash well, travel well, and keep big kids and little kids warm and cozy.

All folded up and ready to be 'wrapped' for Christmas. I always wrap them in a garbage bag, of course.

Happy Matthew with his Saints fleece blanket.
Geaux Saints! Who Dat!

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